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Welcome to Fandom Slash. As the name implies, this is a community for slash fiction about LJ users, specifically those from online fandoms. For now, most of the community's members are from the LotRips and PotC fandoms.

We have put in place a series of rules to keep everyone happy. Please read them carefully before joining.

1. By joining this community, you are agreeing to (potentially) be slashed with anyone else who has joined the community. If you don't want to be slashed (but don't mind watching the slashing of others) please feel free to watch the community.
2. If you have not joined the community, don't worry: you will NOT be slashed. We will delete any posts which slash an lj user who is not a current member of the community.

1. Anyone on the community member list is elligable to be slashed with either a celebrity, or other community members. Non-members may not be included in any way.
2. Do NOT slash any LJ user who is not a current member of the community. If you do so, your post will be deleted.
3. Stuck for ideas? Check here for requests to be filled. ;)

1. Use the LJ-cut tag for long posts or R/NC-17 material. Be sure to include any warnings, disclaimers, etc.
2. If there are any complaints about your post from the characters, it may be necessary to delete the entry.
3. Introductory posts are not allowed, and will be deleted. This is to avoid flist spam.

1. All requests are to be posted in this entry, as comments. Once the request is fulfilled, the comment will be deleted.

Remeber: this is for fun, and NOT intended to start wank or drama. Don't take it too seriously. Any posts that are deemed inappropriate by the mods will be deleted, and the user in question will receive a warning.